From Great Research to Great Businesses

Start Something is a series of programs which aim to stimulate entrepreneurship and commercialisation. The programs developed by Innovation Cluster leverage the experience of industry experts and others involved with successful business acceleration, research commercialisation and industry innovation engagement. Multiple programs are available and are adapted to the needs of each specific target audience

The program has been developed by Innovation Cluster, leveraging the experience of industry experts heavily involved with other successful business acceleration programs such as Atomic Sky, KPMG Energise, Amcom Upstart and Unearthed. 

It also draws on mentors with proven commercialisation and business building experience in the healthcare sector, resources sector, information technology, engineering and innovation in general. Successful outcomes of the Program will be a viable business model with a founder ready status. 

Start Something also aims to create some excitement and generate interest in entrepreneurial industry engagement programs amongst its target audience. This the University’s own broader industry engagement models, promoting more wide-ranging commercialisation of ideas and playing a part supporting the longer term goal of raising the entrepreneurial culture on campus


122 Researchers attended the Start Something Commercialisation Seminar

37 Researchers attended the Start Something Commercialisation Workshops

18 Industry Experts Supported the Start Something Researchers

3 Winners of Entrepreneurship & Mining Sector Prizes of 8 weeks of expert Start-Up Mentoring