Fast Forward

Fast Forward (FF) with Innovation Cluster is a commercialisation incubation program that takes researchers from idea validation to a pitch event with potential investors pulled from applicable investment communities. The program pulls heavily on engaging public researchers with private businesses through talks, breakouts and mentoring from sector specific experts.

Specifically designed for researchers who are ready to start commercialising and delivered in a hands-on pragmatic format; the program is filled with guest speakers, on-campus workshops and startup seminars. The program delivers valuable new skillsets, exposure to entrepreneurial tools, extensive industry engagement and most often a shift in mindsets for those that attend.

Fast Forward takes a structured, proven approach to commercialising research or ideas by building a business or an initiative with social impact. It includes interactive workshops, short talks, collaboration sessions and mentor time in a manner that strengthens the success factors required for early stage founders to take their ideas through to investment readiness. It takes time to build and grow a business so Fast Forward arms graduates with real startup commercialisation knowledge, networks and contacts and skills so they are better equipped to make faster, more informed decisions as they continue to move forward.

Fast Forward will improve knowledge levels around building and running an early stage venture. For those who ultimately choose not to commercialise, valuable skills that align well with the national impact agenda will be gained. In addition, an expanded tool kit and mindset that will help in their research and academic endeavors will also be absorbed.



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