Science Industry PhD Fellowships Supporting collaboration between academia and industry

The Western Australian Government has established a New Industries Fund which aims to support and accelerate new and emerging businesses in order to diversify the Western Australian economy and create new jobs and industries. As part of the fund, the new Science Industry PhD Fellowships program supports PhD candidates to collaborate with an industry partner in a high growth area. The program aims to encourage linkages between researchers and industry, add value to the PhD experience and strengthen collaboration and research impact in economic high growth areas.

The Science Industry PhD Fellowships Program will complement and extend the range of existing programs matching students with companies. Industry will be involved from the beginning of the PhD project, with longterm collaboration throughout the project, and additional training and networking events for PhD candidates, supervisors and industry partners. The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation has engaged Innovation Cluster as consultants to assist in securing the participation of companies, students and host universities in the program and provide training in industry engagement.

Peter Rossdeutscher and Dr Natasha Ayers, principals of Innovation Cluster, have an established track record in this area through their involvement with the iPREP and the Start Something from Research industry and research engagement programs. Under the program, PhD candidates will undertake a PhD research project on a topic agreed to by a company, the candidate and the host university. The nominated company will host the PhD candidate for a period agreed to by the candidate, host institution and company. Training in industry engagement and networking events will also be provided to participants. Up to 24 Fellowships will be awarded over a three year period. The program will be a valuable contribution to the support available to local universities, PhD students and WA companies.

The Science Industry PhD Fellowships Program has the following goals:

• Focus on high growth industry sectors such as lifesciences, cyber security, automation, including robotics and artificial intelligence, new energy industries, and data science.

• Increase engagement outside the universities to encourage PhD students to consider the benefits of working in industry.

• Provide funding incentives in the form of a Fellowship Award of up to $10,000 per annum over the period of the PhD (three years) to selected students for undertaking a PhD that addresses relevant industry problems or creates new opportunities.

• Fill an identified gap in the design of PhD projects with impact, by strengthening relationships with industry end users at an early stage in the PhD, to enable a strong end user focus in the research.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Please ensure all applications for 2019 are submitted by 8th May 2019 at 5pm. If you are wanting to discuss a potential application or would like feedback on a draft proposal please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Natasha Ayers via email: Download the application forms and guidelines here:

Science Industry PhD Fellowships PhD Project Proposal (word doc)

Science Industry PhD Fellowships Candidate Letter of Agreement (word doc)

Science Industry PhD Fellowships Industry Partner Letter of Agreement (word doc)

Science Industry PhD Fellowships Host University Letter of Agreement (word doc)

Science Industry PhD Fellowships Standard Terms and Conditions (pdf doc)

For more information please contact or download this Frequently Asked Questions document. 



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