Accelerating Research-Industry Commercialisation

Following on from the success of last year’s successful Start Something from Research program, Start Something at  UWA 2016 kicked off this week.  Delivering entrepreneurial education and engagement, Start Something from Research fills a critical gap in the research-commercialisation lifecycle.  The program applies lean business thinking and a heavy contingent of industry mentoring and input.  Read more

Innovation program launched to help researchers ‘Start Something’ at Murdoch

A program new to Murdoch University that will further develop research commercialisation skills, support researchers and strengthen research-industry engagement has been launched at the University.

In association with Innovation Cluster and Atomic Sky, the Start Something program aims to stimulate entrepreneurship among academics, postgraduates and early career researchers at the University.  Read more

Advancing Research Education and Engagement with iPrep WA

Innovation Cluster and Atomic Sky combined to deliver commercialisation training to 20 researchers involved in the iPREP WA program. iPREP is part of the AWARE (Advancing Western Australian Research Education)  collaboration between the Graduate Research Schools of the five Western Australian universities Curtin, ECU, Murdoch, Notre Dame and UWA.   Read more

New UWA Program to Encourage Budding Entrepreneurs

The University of Western Australia, through its IQ initiative, has kicked off a new program designed to encourage and foster entrepreneurship among researchers and post-graduate research students.

The Start Something initiative involves a series of speaking events and workshops which will culminate next month with selected participants using newly acquired skills to develop their ideas into potential business opportunities, from solving social problems to developing the next world-wide app.   Read more

UWA IQ takes on Innovation

UWA is full of people doing new and exciting things. The team of UWA staff responsible for delivering a new project, the UWA Innovation Quarter (UWA IQ), is no exception. The ‘Innovation’ word is one that permeates every single thing they do.

"The question of what ‘innovating’ actually means for the scientists, academics, staff and students at UWA is a big one," said Rob Shannon, UWA IQ's project manager. "Answering it is important if UWA is to reach its aspiration of being a top 50 globally ranked University by 2050."   Read more