We take a structured, proven approach to commercialising ideas or research.  Beginning by building a business or an initiative with social impact. The focus is on kpi's and milestones supported by a series of interactive workshops, collaboration sessions and mentor time that strengthens the success factors to build a strong business.

It takes time to build and grow a business so it's necessary to arm graduates with real startup commercialisation knowledge, networks and contacts and skills so they are better equipped to make faster, more informed decisions.

Commercial hackathons, deliberate creative thinking and lean canvas business modelling can only be delivered effectively when the facilitators have a unique blend of corporate, government, SME and startup expertise.  Innovation Cluster has that experience.


Their is significant societal value in commercializing deep knowledge from research organisations. Our facilitators and entrepreneurs have worked extensively with Universities.  Their track record is unsurpassed in helping research organisations successfully commercialization in most sectors.

We bring broad networks and expertise with proven entrepreneurial skill-sets and sector-specific networks to those doing primary research. This is achieved through specific programs, workshops and engagement activities.  

By implementing the proven pathways, over time the organisation will also attract high profile researchers and academics keen to join its success story, more commercial sponsors and an additional path to market for innovation minded students.